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 June 17, 1997 - July 10, 2010

After a hard-fought battle using chemotherapy and other treatments, Calvin lost his fight with bone cancer in July of 2010. 

Calvin's Vital Statistics

Registered Name: Rimfire's Cavalier Calvin
June 17, 1997
Weight: at 8 weeks - 8.9 lbs; at 13 weeks - 16 lbs; 16 weeks - 22 lbs; 18 weeks - 25 lbs; 5 months - 30 lbs; 6.5 months - 35 lbs; 12 months - 44 pounds.  At 2 years of age, Calvin still weighs in at about 45 pounds.
Too tall for his own good (around 21 inches at 5 months, 23 inches at 12 months)
Debby Lynn/Rimfire Kennels, Indianapolis, IN
Annie (Ch Keystone's Upwind Indulgence SH) and Danny (DC/AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD, VC, ROM)
Litter: 5 boys, 1 girl
Littermate info:

Dani (F), Rimfire's Mentobe JH  lives in Northern California
Rooster (M), CH Rimfire Rules the Roost lives with our breeder in Indiana
Dancer (M), Rimfire Deacon's Danc'n Willy JH, lives in Illinois
Luke (M), Rimfire's Cool Hand Luke JH, #1 in the nation for Vizsla Derby for 1999 Field,  lives in Ohio (I think)
Rickie (M),Triad's Rimfire Ricochet SH  #10 in the nation for Vizsla Derby for 1999 Field, lives in Pennsylvania (I think)

If that isn't an impressive litter of dogs, I don't know what is.  Calvin is the only one without a title of some sort, but if they gave awards for hiking or being sweet, he would have a few initials before and after his name too....   :-)

Pedigree: See Pedigree Page
Future Plans:  Who knows? Calvin likes to go on hikes as often as possible, chase anything we throw, and he loves to swim after ducks and geese or just to cool off.  He "hunts" all the time, whether in his back yard searching for the evil squirrels or out on hikes looking for birds and other wildlife, so he may someday do some form of field trials or more formal hunting.