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Updated on August 29th 1997 with 21 new pictures!!!

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Annie and her
litter of 6

Rest Break

You guys are getting
a little old for this

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Calvin playing keep
away from Black

Go ahead and
bite my tail -
see if I care

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Mom licking her lips anticipating puppies

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Karen trying to
get Calvin out of his crate at the airport

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On the way home from the airport

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I think my belly needs some air

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Konked out

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I'm so cute!!!!!

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Who me?

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This couch sure is comfy.

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Look at me - I'm a good boy.

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Go ahead and talk on the phone - I'll just take a nap.

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Too much playing outside

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Time for a nap.

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Attacking his first duck.

Most pictures are of Calvin at either 8 or 9 weeks of age (except pictures with littermates)