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This page added on September 4, 1997 with 19 new pictures!!

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cal41.jpg (55888 bytes)
Calvin goes in dirty and comes out sparkling clean!

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Calvin's new hangout

cal39.jpg (88608 bytes)
If I keep chewing, maybe I can get out

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cal30.jpg (23200 bytes)
Soon to be our volleyball shagger at tournaments

cal31.jpg (32610 bytes) cal24.jpg (29878 bytes) cal25.jpg (50834 bytes)
Can't you see I'm busy right now???

cal28.jpg (24316 bytes)
Calvin and his new friend the Crab

cal22.jpg (35144 bytes)

cal35.jpg (45823 bytes)
Swimming lessons
in the puppy-safe
(lower temperature)
hot tub

cal36.jpg (32317 bytes)
Time to dry off!

cal34.jpg (17771 bytes)
I don't think I like this shower thing too much

cal32.jpg (76743 bytes)
Yeah, right.

cal26.jpg (55958 bytes)
Give me the biscuit over here!

cal29.jpg (51816 bytes)

cal33.jpg (58874 bytes)
Alright, I'm coming in
cal27.jpg (60870 bytes)

Most pictures are of Calvin at either 9 or 10 weeks of age.  He switched to his new blue collar around 10 weeks of age.